Outdoor Home Security Wireless CCTV IP 1080p Camera with a built-in mini battery | Wireless Outdoor Security Cameras
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Outdoor Home Security Wireless CCTV IP 1080p Camera with a built-in mini battery | Wireless Outdoor Security Cameras

  • P/N: SC-ED-200V
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The Dynamode SC-ED-200V  Outdoor Security Camera is a hidden wireless IP camera for difficult outdoor conditions with a battery that lasts between 3 and 6 months without charging. SC-ED-200V camera is suitable for outdoor conditions* - and doesn't require cable connection or mains supply!

Designed for security and espionage in a variety of places and situations: watching the caregiver / what is happening at home, securing the office, factory or any other area.
It allows full control and supervision of what is happening in a particular area, without the need to be in that environment.

The SC-ED-200V camera is easily set up directly from the smartphone and gives you an option of recording directly onto a memory card with a capacity of up to 64GB (not included)

All that needs to be done to operate the camera is a one-time P2P easy installation that will restore the recorded film on the computer or smartphone.

Ooutdoor Home Security Cameras Key Features:

  • Power over Ethernet (POE) - technology that allows power to be transmitted to the camera via a data cable that allows control and monitoring in the event of a power failure
  • Supports IPhone / Android
  • Easy installation via P2P by typing the IP address recorded on the camera
  • With the click of a button the camera captures directly to the memory card and at the end of the recording you can watch the recording on any computer.
  • Includes a built-in microphone
  • Full HD video image quality
  • Recording on Micro SD memory card (TF up to 64gb (the card is not included)
  • Night lighting for photography in dark conditions
  • Motion detection / PIR 
  • A rechargeable battery with a long period of use between 3 and 6 months without charging
  • Remote access to the camera via smartphone / tablet / laptop
WiFi Outdoor Security Camera Applications

Dynamode Outdoor security miniature camera can take pictures directly from the camera without anyone to suspect you

The possibilities for the camera positioning are limitless including in-house office or enterprise and outdoor conditions warehouses construction sites and factories etc.

Useful for home and business protection and more.

Product Code


EAN: 8400800041647

Weight: 0.2Kg approx

Technical Specifications

  • ONE KEY SETTING quick installation support
  • Installation support according to QR code scanning
  • ONVIF 2.1 Protocol Support
  • Support for remote access and remote management by application, computer software and browser
  • Support for micro SD memory card up to 64GB
  • Built-in IR CUT filter
  • H.264 video compression
  • PIR
  • 50Hz 25FPS refresh rate, 60Hz 25FPS (1080P)
  • 1080P primary video resolution
  • WIFI 802.11b / g / n support
  • Support for the AP wireless access point function
  • Supports static, dynamic or PPPOE IP address
  • Supports iPhone/ Android
  • Supports access from Explorer 8-11, FIREFOX, CHROME browsers
Supplied With

SC-ED-200V outdoor IP camera

Power supply and charging cable

Wall-mounted accessory + screws and dowels

Installation CD

Operating Instructions


SC-ED-200V Data Sheet - Click Here

* Specifications and product design are subject to change. E&OE

* Not suitable for use in area's with direct rain.

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