4 Way Roof Mount Fan Tray for 1000mm deep Eco NetCab & ValuCab Server Cabinets
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4 Way Roof Mount Fan Tray for 1000mm deep Eco NetCab & ValuCab Server Cabinets

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The LMS Data roof fan tray series provide both effective airflow and are ideal for almost all powered cooling applications. Easy to fit into the raised and vented roof of popular enclosures including the LMS Data floor mount enclosures and other compatible vendor cabinets. Long life, ball-raced individual fans help ‘push’ warm air out, vertically through the raised and vented roof, helping to create a vacuum, thus allowing cooler, fresh air into the enclosure.

Compatible with -

Eco Net Cab - CAB-FE-12U-6100, CAB-FE-15U-6100, CAB-FE-18U-6100, CAB-FE-27U-6100, CAB-FE-27U-8100, CAB-FE-36U-6100, CAB-FE-36U-8100, CAB-FE-42U-6100, CAB-FE-42U-8100, CAB-FE-47U-6100 & CAB-FE-47U-8100.

ValuCab - CAB-FE-12U-6100NA, CAB-FE-15U-6100NA, CAB-FE-18U-6100NA, CAB-FE-27U-6100NA, CAB-FE-27U-8100NA, CAB-FE-36U-6100NA, CAB-FE-36U-8100NA, CAB-FE-42U-6100NA, CAB-FE-42U-8100NA, CAB-FE-47U-6100NA & CAB-FE-47U-8100NA.

  • 4-Way, high-powered cooling fans
  • low noise level, long life ball raced design
  • Integral fan guard on equipment facing surface
  • Pulls cabinet air up, through a raised cabinet roof
  • Easy to install in EcoNetCab or compatible cabinets
  • 240VAC design - with power cable and UK plug
Technical Info


EAN: 8400800027245

Weight: 2Kg


Specification Sheet (PDF)