1U 19" Cable Management Bar / Panel with 5 Rings - 100mm (Universal)

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Quality Cable management Solutions for Cabinets

Need effective cabling routing within your data cabinet our enclosure? Need to maintain effective post installation maintenance of networking or PBX patching

The new CAB-MAN-1U-5-10 is a quality, alloy manufactured 5-ring cable management panel, 1U in height as regular management panels, however the ring high has been increased to 10cm.

Ideal for larger amounts of networking or PBX patching together with reduction in cable sag due to fewer rings, it will also help maintain correct posture of CAT6 or higher cables together with fibre optics.

Ideal for all types of enclosures and cabinets and easy to fit between patch panels and other rack mount equipment and devices.


  • 1U, 5-Ring, 19-inch Cable Management Panel

  • Super-Wide 10cm(H), 4.1cm (Aperture) alloy ring design

  • Quality, alloy constructed, powered coated design

  • Helps keep switch ports clear and identifiable

  • Ideal for effective post-installation patching cable routing

  • Perfect for wall, telecom, data and server enclosures

  • : Overall Dimensions: 48.3cm (W) x 4.4cm (H) approx.
    Rings: 10cm (H) x 4.1cm (Aperture))

  • Technical Info


    EAN: 8400800035165


    Dimensions: : 48.3cm (W) x 4.4cm (H) approx.
    Rings: 10cm (H) x 4.1cm (Aperture))


    Datasheet - CAB-MAN-1U-5-10.pdf

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