Cabinet deliveries are made kerbside only.  The normal delivery hours are 9 am to 6 pm.

Please take into account the following when ordering cabinets as these are the key areas that should be checked before delivery to avoid disappointment:

All Site Doorways are wide enough to allow large cabinet access (800mm wide x 800/1000mm Cabinets) from entrance to final cabinet location

  • Cabinet site location large enough for the Data/Server Cabinet ordered (allow extra 100mm in height for Castors)
  • Adequate manpower is available to accept the delivery / forklift truck is advisable for larger cabinet sizes


As part of our service we ensure that all products are packaged and delivered to the highest standards to minimise any damage being sustained during transit, however damage can still occur as well as items can be missing so we ask that you check the following on our deliveries:

  • Check for External Box damage
  • Check the number of Boxed Items received matches the delivery info

Important: On palletised deliveries carefully remove Cabinet packaging and CHECK the Cabinet for any signs of cosmetic and/or structural damage BEFORE signing the Cabinet Delivery Note. Our courier allows 15 minutes for checking the consignment, if any damage (such as Scratches to Paint work, Dents, Broken Glass and damaged metal work) is found, please sign the delivery note as DAMAGED and notify us within 24 hours.

NOTE: By signing for the goods you are accepting the delivery is in perfect condition, the supplier will not be able to uphold any claims made against this delivery at a later date.

All deliveries should be checked within 24 hours for shortages and reported within this time.

*** Restocking and Re-Delivery charges are high for these items due to nature of the product and transit costs, so please check your order details carefully ***


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