2 in 1 USB Cable with Micro USB & Lightning Connector - Black
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2 in 1 USB Cable with Micro USB & Lightning Connector - Black

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The new LMS Data C-USB-MI-LIGHT-B is an ideal solution if you have multiple devices with connectors such as Lightning(tm) and MicroUSB(tm) but want to cut down on the hassle of extra sync and charge cables.

Using an innovative Lightning adapter which connects like a cap over the MicroUSB connector, now you have the choice of both worlds! Stylish in design, easy to use and comes in a generous 1 metre (approx) cable length, terminated with a standard USB host connector.

Key Features

Connect your devices with Lightning(tm) and MicroUSB(tm) connectors to USB port

2 in 1 - no need for extra cables

Generous 1-metre cable length


Perfect for Apple(tm) iPhone(tm), iPad(tm) devices using the latest Lightning adapter.

Also ideal for Android(tm) and Windows(tm) devices which use the popular MicroUSB port for sync and charge.

Ideal for other MicroUSB devices such as GPS, cameras, digital pens and more.

Product Info


EAN: 8400800027696

Weight: 0.1Kg approx

Technical Specifications

Innovative 2-in-1 Lightning and MicroUSB charger

Ideal for iPhone(tm), iPad(tm), iPod(tm) devices

Ideal for Android(tm) and Windows(tm) devices

Charge common MicroUSB devices: GPS, Cameras etc

Generous 1-metre (approx.) cable length

Available in WHITE or BLACK versions

Cable rated at 2.1AMPS (approx.)


USB-MI-LIGHT-B Data Sheet - Click Here