LMS DATA - C-HDMI-RE-1 - HDMI Extender - Inline 4K Inline Self-Powered HDMI Repeater
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LMS DATA - C-HDMI-RE-1 - HDMI Extender - Inline 4K Inline Self-Powered HDMI Repeater

  • P/N: C-HDMI-RE-1
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Enabling The Next Generation of HDMI Devices - Extending Your Multimedia HDMI Viewing Experience

Looking to extend your HDMI cabling from your 4K TV, Set-top box, Game Console or Computer System but are currently limited to HDMI cable length restrictions?

The new C-HDMI-RE-1 is a new breed of 4K/2K Ultra High Definition Plug n’ Play repeaters which boost your existing HDMI signalling (both video and audio) up to a maximum HDMI cable length of around 40 metres*

Compatible with legacy 1080p HDMI TVs or monitors, up to the the very latest in 4K definition screens, with the assurance of enhanced data throughput of around 3.4Gbps, mitigating any signal data loss commonly associated with longer HDMI cable runs.

Simply connect the C-HDMI-RE-1 as an inline, self powered adapter, the device draws its meagre power from the HDMI signal itself while at the same time providing amplifying both video and audio signals over longer HDMI distances.

Ideal for home TV setups, gaming systems and commercial systems that need extended HDMI cable runs.


  • Plug n’ Play HDMI Signal Repeater/Booster Dongle

  • Self-powered, In-Line design with HDMI-IN/HDMI-OUT

  • Supports up to 4K UHD, 2K, 1080p and legacy displays

  • Extend your HDMI cabling up to around 40 metres*

  • Supports HDMI 1.4b signalling with HD audio on HDMI

  • Gold-plated HDMI ports for superior signalling

  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 28x13x51mm approx

  • Ideal for Set-top boxes, Home Theatres, Gaming, Education

  • * Longer distances can be achieved when using 1080p
    Technical Info


    EAN: 8400800034373


    Dimensions:  28x13x51mm (WxHxD)


    Datasheet - C-HDMI-RE-1.pdf