Wireless Outdoor Wifi IP Home Security CCTV Camera 1080P with 2 antennas, WDR, BLC, Night Vision, Smart Motion Sensor | Wireless Outdoor Cctv Camera
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Wireless Outdoor Wifi IP Home Security CCTV Camera 1080P with 2 antennas, WDR, BLC, Night Vision, Smart Motion Sensor | Wireless Outdoor Cctv Camera

  • P/N: SC-233A
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The Dynamode CCTV Wireless Outdoor SC-233A infrared IP tube camera is a security camera equipped with a high-quality lens to ensure image sharpness and has a digital noise reduction mechanism that allows a picture free of interference even in difficult lighting conditions.

SC-233A connects to a local network or the Internet using a camera or dialler built into the camera. SC-233A IP camera also operates as a standalone unit without the need for additional systems.

The Dynamode SC-233A  outdoor IP camera is easily set up directly from the smartphone and gives you an option of recording directly onto a memory card with a capacity of up to 128GB.

You can access the SC-233A(outdoor wireless CCTV camera system) from anywhere in the world without the need for any settings on the router - easier and simpler than ever.

The camera can be controlled via the internet directly on smart mobile devices, tablets or a PC. User-friendly interface makes the installation of the camera very simple.

Wifi CCTV Camera Outdoor Key Features

  • Power over Ethernet (POE) - technology that allows power to be transmitted to the camera via a data cable that allows control and monitoring in the event of a power failure
  • Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) - technology that allows you to get a sharp and clear image when there is a large dynamic range of lighting in the shooting arena. A situation such as: placing a camera in front of an opening or window when the light penetrates significantly in relation to other areas that appear dark
  • Back-light compensation (BLC) - a technology that enables the optimization of the brightness of images through digital signal processing. Background Lighting The theory works by splitting all the images into different areas, and making separate exposure for the areas.
  • Easy Set Up
  • Full HD video image quality
  • Night vision (up to 20 meters) with automatic infrared night lighting
  • Motion detection (including option for PUSH messages, email alerts and uploading images to FTP server when detecting traffic)
  • Remote camera control via smartphone / tablet / laptop
  • Multi-user access password protected and more...



Dynamode Outdoor security CCTV camera with high quality Full HD video adopts the IP65 weatherproof system to keep working even in the harsh weather.

Smart PIR sensor detects motion and send a motion alert to your phone to keep your house / store / garage safe.

Perfect for villa, home, office, shop, hotel, warehouse, school, business or anywhere else you wish.

Product Code


EAN: 8400800041630

Weight: 0.5Kg approx

Wireless IP Camera Outdoor Technical Specifications:
  • ONE KEY SETTING quick installation support
  • Installation support according to QR code scanning
  • ONVIF 2.1 Protocol Support
  • Support for remote access and remote management by application, computer software and browser
  • Support for micro SD memory card up to 128GB
  • 3.6 mm lens
  • 70 degree viewing angle
  • Built-in IR CUT filter
  • H.264 video compression
  • Sensor: Colour CMOS 1 / 2.7 ″ 2MP
  • Video parameters - Brightness, contrast, saturation, exposure, sharpness can be set
  • 50Hz 25FPS refresh rate, 60Hz 25FPS (1080P)
  • 1080P primary video resolution
  • Operates at 0 LUX (with IR lights on)
  • 6 IR infrared bulbs - night vision up to 15 meters
  • Motion sensor that can be set at several sensitivity levels (from 1 to 100) - 4 separate areas can be set
  • Supports sending PUSH messages, emails, photo photos to FTP server
  • Wired network connection with RJ45 connector
  • WIFI 802.11b / g / n support
  • Support for the AP wireless access point function
  • Supports static, dynamic or PPPOE IP address
  • Supports up to 6 connected users at a time
  • Supports access from Explorer 8-11, FIREFOX, CHROME browsers
  • Enables fast connection by ONE KEY SETTING or by scanning QR Code
  • OSD display (camera name, date and time)
  • Power consumption: 5V 2A
  • Working environment temperature: ~ 50–10 ° C
  • Working environment humidity: 95% RH
Wireless Wifi Outdoor Camera Supplied With

SC-233A outdoor IP camera

2 antennas

Power supply and charging cable

Wall-mounted accessory + screws and dowels

Network cable

Installation CD

Operating Instructions


SC-233A Data Sheet - Click Here

* Specifications and product design are subject to change. E&OE.

What's a WiFi? Wireless networking technology that uses radio waves to allow computers, smartphones, or other devices to connect to the Internet or communicate with one another wirelessly within a particular area.