Wireless Cloud Camera | 2MP | PTZ | DC 5V 1.5A | App : YCC365 Plus
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Wireless Cloud Camera | 2MP | PTZ | DC 5V 1.5A | App : YCC365 Plus

  • P/N: CAM-MIP-734M3
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A new model from  Dynamode  world of technology OKS sole manufacturer of this - through which you can connect the camera speed wireless Internet network without the need for connecting a cable to the router.

External IP camera with the option of recording directly on a memory card with a capacity of up to 64GB

Setting up a fast IP camera directly from the smartphone
You can watch the camera from anywhere in the world without the need for any settings in the router - easier and simpler than ever.

The camera can be controlled via the internet directly n smart mobile devices, tablets or from a stationary and stationary installation of the camera is very simple with a friendly graphical interface. 

FULL HD 1080P video and video quality - 1920X1080 H.264 video compression standard, up to 64GB SD memory card recording capabilities.

360-degree wide-angle IP camera Dynamode FULL HD 1080 Motorized IP camera, no worries!
360-degree camera and includes control from any smartphone or computer suitable for indoor / outdoor conditions can be viewed from anywhere in the world and at any time easily happening.
No need for a technical background, ideal for security for remote viewing, what happens in the business Watching and remote control

  • Connection to MSD memory card up to 64GB
  • Has high-quality video + video recording in HD resolution
  • P2P fast installation
  • Has advanced functions; Night vision Built-in motion sensor
  • Also designed for security and espionage in a variety of places and situations
  • Allows full control and monitoring of what is happening in a particular area, without the need to be in the environment
  • A camera connects to the Internet through a router in an easy and convenient way without cables
  • Has an advanced and powerful image processor and a 3.6 mm lens that provides sharp, high-quality video photography
  • HD1080P resolution at 25 frames per second (support for H.264 encoding.)
  • Built-in sensitive microphone that picks up noises and noises from a long distance
  • Powerful speaker in the body of the camera You can talk to the other side from anywhere in the world -
  • Powerful night vision for viewing in complete darkness
  • You can adjust a large number of functions on the device, such as: image properties, shooting angle and more.
  • Remote viewing from a variety of devices, such as: iPhone, smartphone, Android, laptop, laptop and more
  • Included in the kit: IP camera, installation instructions, power cord