All-Purpose Universal Car Phone / Digital Device Holder (BR-360)
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All-Purpose Universal Car Phone / Digital Device Holder (BR-360)

  • P/N: BR-360
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Need effective and secure placement for your smartphone, phablet or other digital device in your vehicle or other viewing area? The cost-effective BR-360 is a 360-degree, highly secure smartphone, phablet or other compatible device that simply adheres to the numerous, instant vacuum suckers for a secure grip. Innovative design, simply anchor the device to a smooth service, such as a windscreen or desk and latch into position. Now there is no chance of it becoming loose or falling off. Ideal for all types of vehicles including commercial vehicles, taxi’s, private users. Also ideal for warehousing, office users and other areas which need secure placement of digital devices.


Super-Secure, innovative multi-sucker attachment

Ideal for smartphones, phablets, tablets and more*

Secure, latch-style sucker anchor for windscreen etc 3

60-degree rotation for the best viewing angle

Absorbs vibration to help mitigate device detachment

Ideal for all vehicles, transportation users and more