6U 450mm 19" Data Rack Wall Cabinet - Grey

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Quality and Security for all your Networking, AV and Data applications

Exceptional build-quality and a host of features. Everything you need in a compact, 19-inch wall enclosure.

The new CAB-W6U-EL450G is a feature-rich, small-height and shallow depth
data enclosure, powder coated with a hard wearing grey finish (RAL 7035).
With a shallow 450mm depth (approx), this cabinet is ideal for restricted or tight fitting areas in which the normal, larger depth cabinets are not required. For example in residential homes, community areas or remote networking enclosures that do not need a large amount of enclosure space.

Fully built straight from the box, the CAB-W6U-EL450G features a front and of
course reversible lockable door and front and rear vertical mount posts for secure
equipment deployment.

Equipped with ventilation slots for increased equipment airflow and of course easy, single person installation makes the CAB-W6U-EL450G the ideal choice for all your small-scale equipment housing applications.


  • ETSI 19” front/rear profiles

  • Lockable glass door, reversible if required

  • Multiple cable entry points

  • Wall mountable and easy to install

  • Power-coated GREY and robust finish - RAL 7035

  • Supplied with a complementary bag of cage nuts and bolts

  • Technical Info


    EAN: 8400800029027

    Weight: 11.3Kg

    Dimensions: 550x450x320 mm


    Datasheet - CAB-W6U-EL450G.pdf

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