50m BNC Shotgun Cable (CCTV) HD Copper (Pre-Terminated)
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50m BNC Shotgun Cable (CCTV) HD Copper (Pre-Terminated)

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Pre-Terminated BNC & Power Shotgun Cables 

Qualitym Low-Loss CCTV BNC/DC Shotgun-Style Cables 

Want to quickly install, deploy or re-route your CCTV cameras, DVRs or other compatible equipment without the fuss of terminating BNC cables or running separate DC power? 

Available in three (3) popular lengths of 18 metres, 25 metres and 50 metre lengths allow anyone to quickly install common, BNC CCTV cameras without the expensive and time consuming terminating of plugs etc. 

Using standard 75-Ohm coax and quality BNC, the shotgun cable has a dedicated cable which allows DC power to be fed to remote CCTV cameras, DVRs, set-top boxes and other compatible equipment for both retail and professional security and broadcast applications.  

Weather-resistant, durable and of course lightweight and being a shotgun design means your just pulling one, low overall diameter cable which means a much reduce install time. 


  • Shotgun, dual cable for CCTV data and DC power

  • Available in 18, 25 and 50m pre terminated lengths*

  • Suitable for BNC connected CCTV, DVR, Set-top boxes

  • Massively reduces installation time

  • Black, weather resistant PVC with quality copper conductors

  • 2.1mm centre positive DC power plugs installed

  • Overall Diameter (OD): 3.8mm approx* - Shielded Coax

  • * Dimensions approx. Subject to design change.
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