2U Rackmount Fibre Media Converter Chassis & Dual PSU - 14 Slot (CR1000)
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2U Rackmount Fibre Media Converter Chassis & Dual PSU - 14 Slot (CR1000)

  • P/N: CR1000
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The Dynamode CR1000 fully featured, 19-inch rackmount 2U chassis for incorporating up to 14 individual Dynamode or equivalent form-factor media converters. Complete with two separate PSUs for complete power redundancy for your critical fibre links, complete with thermal and heat control.

Simply slot in your fibre media converters, each converter connects to a common power supply plug and is secured via thumbscrews. Allowing a neat, easily to maintain appliance which can be located in almost any size data cabinet

Reliable 24/7, ideal for telecom, data centres and public sector infrastructure applications which use multiple copper to fibre conversion links.

Key Features


14 Slot Fibre Media Converter Secure Chassis

Supports almost all types of media converters

Dual PSUs for power redundancy 

Reduce any connection downtime to near zero

Integral thermal management a cooling fans

Backed up by Dynamode's exclusive 3-year warranty

Create an easy to maintain, highly redundant and secure housing for multiple fibre media converters

Ideal for telecom, data centres, server rooms and deployments that use multiple fibre media converters

Immune to electrical noise, so ideal for challenging RF noise areas

Product Info

SKU/MPN: CR10000

EAN: 8400800013712

Weight: 1.0Kg approx

Technical Specifications
Warranty                 Dynamode 3-Year Warranty
Form Factor            2U, 19-Inch Rackmount

PSU                          Dual, redundant PSUs, 5V 12Amp

Slots                         14 Slot with independent power connects

Cooling                    Integral passive and active cooling

Chassis                    Alloy chassis with rackmount brackets

Power Supply        Internal Switch Mode 110-240VAC
Supplied With

Part Number: CR10000

EAN: 8400800013712

Weight: 1.0Kg approx.


CR1000 Data Sheet - Click Here

* Specifications and product design are subject to change. E&OE.
   CR1000 supplied without media converters

What's a Media Converter? The clues in the name. It converts electrical signals on a regular copper RJ45 cable and changes it to light signals and vice versa. Light signals in fibre have the advantage of being totally immune to electrical noise plus fibre LAN cables can extended to 2K