22U 19" Relay Rack (2 Post)
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22U 19" Relay Rack (2 Post)

  • P/N: CAB-RR-22U-6100-2

The LMS Data Lab-Rack frames are your ideal choice for all your open frame applications. Produced from high integrity materials using a modular and easy to assemble design, the Lab-Rack is both strong and very stable. Ideal for test, R&D and other applications in which a closed cabinet is not required, the Lab-Rack frame allows quick fitment of any 19-inch device. With an approx. static load of 120Kg, professional powder-coating over the SPCC quality cold-rolled steel and a stable thickness of the verticals of around 2mm means they will go the distance.

• 600x600mm (WxD)
• ETSI 19” Modular Profile, x 2 posts
• Static load: 120Kg (approx)
• ANSI/EIA RS-310-D, IEC297-2, DIN41494
• Supplied with 4 castors as standard


Specification Sheet (PDF)