USB Type-C to RJ45 Fast Ethernet 10/100 LAN Adapter
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USB Type-C to RJ45 Fast Ethernet 10/100 LAN Adapter

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The new Dynamode C-TC-LAN100 is an accessory that enables users to add a Fast Ethernet LAN (RJ45) adapter to almost any USB Type-C interfaced only Notebook, Laptop and mobile device, instantly.

Fully Plug n' Play with no drivers necessary, it means you can connect a Windows(tm), Mac(tm) or Linux(tm) based system to a wired LAN up to 100Mbps. Ideal for when your hardware does not have a wired LAN port or socket.

Key Features

Converts almost any USB Type-C Port to Fast Ethernet

Supports both 100Mbps and 10Mbps LAN speeds

Ideal for Windows(tm), Mac(tm) and Linux(tm) computers

Plug n' Play - No software drivers needed


Dynamode C-TC-LAN1000M USB Type-C to Gigabit LAN Adapter
Convert almost an USB Type-C Phone Notebook, Laptop, PC or digital device to an Ethernet Wired RJ45 Adapter

Ideal for business and education networks that need a faster and more secure wired LAN connection

Enabled non wired LAN hardware to now be used on a wired network in an instant

Product Info


EAN: 8400800036704

Weight: 0,05Kg approx.

Supplied With

C-TC-LAN100    USB Type-C to Ethernet LAN Adapter


C-TC-LAN100 Data Sheet - Click Here

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What is USB Type-C? This is a new type of high-performance connector which is now appearing on newer phones, tables and even notebook computers. It allows USB3 speeds so is much faster than existing USB2 technology. It will transfer data quicker and general charge quicker, however USB Type-C without an adapter will not fit with USB 2 or MicroUSB cables.