Auto Sensing 3 Port HDMI Splitter with Remote Control
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Auto Sensing 3 Port HDMI Splitter with Remote Control

  • P/N: C-HDMI31
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Fed up with manually plugging in and swapping HDMI cables to your HDMI Media devices such as TVs, BluRay, Game Consoles and TV reception boxes? Looking for a low cost but effective remote HDMI Switching capability while adhering to the HDMI 1.3 specifications? Introducing the C-HDMI31 Remote Switching box from Dynamode. Compact in design and totally self-powered by the HDMI cables themselves, the C-HDMI31 allows up to 3 separate HDMI devices to be connected to a single HDMI Output device such as LED/LCD TV or Monitor. Compliant with up to HDMI Version1.3, the C-HDMI31 supports up to1080p resolution, Deep Colour processing and high-speed bandwidth of up to 2.5Gbps, ideal for fluid Game Play and life like Movie and Sound reproduction. Supplied with an easy-to-use Remote Control for effortless HDMI switching, or if preferred, manual Switching from the Switch Box itself, the C-HDMI31 is your ideal partner for your HDMI devices.


Ultra-compact design and self-powered

Supports up to 3x HDMI Input devices to 1080p

Fully HDMI Version 1.3b specification*

High-speed bandwidth of up to 2.5Gbps

12-Bit Deep Colour support for life-like colours

Compatible up to 1920x1200 screen resolutions

Bundled Infra-Red Remote Control for Switching

Manual Switching with status LEDs on top panel

Ideal for HDMI Game Consoles, BluRay, DVD, Sky® Boxes, Projectors and Computers