1m HDMI Cable / Lead 1080p v1.4 Gold Plated & Shielded HDTV / PS3 / 360
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1m HDMI Cable / Lead 1080p v1.4 Gold Plated & Shielded HDTV / PS3 / 360

  • P/N: C-HDMI1.0
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Premium Quality for a Richer Picture and Sound

Get the perfect image. For less

Are you looking to get the very most out of your latest Hi-Definition 3D LED/Plasma TV and BluRay™ setup but are put off due to the high cost of the HDMI connecting cables? Are you looking to extend your current HDMI cables or upgrade to the latest HDMI 1.4 specification?

Introducing the latest HDMI 1.4 specification cables from Dynamode. Offering not only the latest, high-speed connection rates of up to 8Gbps*, high-speed Ethernet which allows up to 100Mbps to be transmitted through the HDMI cable, thus removing the need for separate data cables from say the TV and the Home Theatre system together with Audio Return Channel (ARC) which again means Audio signals can again be sent concurrently through this highquality HDMI cable, again reducing separate cable clutter. 


  • Premium grade HDMI certified copper conductors

  • Ideal for latest LED 3D TVs, BluRay™ Theatres etc

  • HDMI Version 1.4 specification ~ up to 8Gbps*

  • High-speed Ethernet Channel ~ up to 100Mbps*

  • Audio Return Channel (ARC)*

  • Deep Colour and xvYCC support for optimal image

  • Triple-shielded cable for excellent signal quality

  • Reduced EMI and RF noise across all frequencies

  • Experience incredible clarity for picture and sound

  • * dependent on compatible devices, all speeds approximate
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    SKU/MPN: C-HDMI1.0

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    Datasheet - HDMI-HDMI1.4.pdf