HDMI Extender over Cat5e/Cat6 (50m) w/IR control
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HDMI Extender over Cat5e/Cat6 (50m) w/IR control

  • P/N: C-HDMI-EX-01-R
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Looking for an economical but effective solution for extending your HDMI TV or Monitor signalling using easy to install Cat5e or Cat6 cables?

The new LMS Data C-HDMI-EX-01-1R is a compact, Transmitter and Receiver solution that allows almost any HDMI audio and video signalling to be extended up to around 50 metres using Cat5e or Cat6 cabling methods. Forget about installing bulky and expensive HDMI cables around the home, office or classroom. Just using the cheaper and less bulky Cat5e and Cat6 cables to connect both adapters together, and you have an effective and robust HDMI solution for all your screen and/or audio applications. Supporting the common 1080/720p HD formats and of course enhanced deep colour support of up to 12-bit and rest assured, there is no loss of signal quality as all HDMI signals are electronically amplified via the supplied power supplies. Integrated IR (Infra Red) capability means you can still operate your IR remote control for say the BluRay(tm) player from afar, at maximum HDMI distance.


HDMI signalling over standard Cat5e/Cat6 cables


Supports up to 1080p, 720p, 576p and 480p

Extend your HDMI cabling up to around 50 metres

Integrated IR (Infra Red) relay system for remotes

Supports HDMI 1.4a signalling with HD audio on HDMI

Supports 3D and up to 12-bit Deep Colour support

Dimensions: 81mm x 43mm x 22mm (LxWxH) approx

Ideal for Education, Commerce, Theatres and Home Theatres